Principal's Message

Welcome to Nipisihkopahk Primary School .

Our school provides a warm and welcoming environment for students who attend our K4 through grade two programs. I am proud to work with a caring, excellent staff. Everyone works hard to know every individual's needs, and has a wealth of strategies to engage each child.

We are committed to offering the current Alberta curriculum, as well as Cree language and culture programs.  Daily Cree is available to all! Please attend our feasts and other special events. Volunteers are always important.  We would love to have more of the community sharing time, knowledge and talents.

Nipisihkopahk Primary is proud to offer current technology to support learning. Smartboards enhance instruction in the classrooms. Ipads and computers encourage math and literacy development. We are very excited about the technology we have to make learning fun.

Communication with families is open, welcomed and encouraged.  I believe we are partners in each child's education.  It is very important for each family to take an active role.  Students thrive when family routines support regular attendance and a positive attitude toward school.  Your praise, interest and encouragement are essential. Learning is more fun when you feel you have an audience!

Please watch this site for current information.  Your feedback is welcomed!

Thank you for being part of our school community.

Ay Hay, Kathy Kiss