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Cree Culture and Language

Formal Cree language instruction is offered to all students in the junior high program. Students in senior high have the option to take Cree 10/20/30 classes for credit towards their diploma or certificate. The school has a centrally located Elder’s room. An Elder works with the staff and students for guidance, counselling, and teachings. The school has a drum group and is provided opportunity to practice with the elder regularly and perform at many school events. Every morning the school opens with a Cree morning song and our school Elder says a prayer.  Behind the school, a sweat lodge was constructed for the student's and staff.

Core Subjects

Mathematics, English and Social Studies courses are delivered in conventional learning areas. These rooms have direct access to computer networks, internet, and video.

Science is offered in a fully equipped laboratory.

All classrooms are equipped with Smartboards.

Career and Technology

Computer Technology is located in two, large, and separate computer labs that have full internet access, word processing and spreadsheet software, and other educational enhancing software programs.

Construction classes are located in a large well-equipped shop.

Welding is now being offered as well.

Cosmetology is delivered in a room equipped with eight salon chairs, two sinks, and other stations designed to enhance the program.

Fashion Design has many sewing stations, cutting, and designing areas.

Food Studies is located in a large room with four full cooking stations.

Fine Art

Music is located in a large room consisting of two floors, with individual practice areas, hosting instruction in guitar, bass, piano, drums, and vocals.

Art is situated in a fully equipped room with drawing tables, large sinks, easels, and access to a wide variety of materials to produce post secondary quality works.

Drama has been added to the list of options available this year and the school houses a exceptional auditorium and stage for the drama students to present their craft.

Physical Education

A large gymnasium with pullout bleacher seating occupies regular classes, after school practices and tournaments. Above the gymnasium, a weight/fitness facility is available to support wellness.

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Early Dismissal Wednesday's @ 1:40pm

April 14th: Good Friday, no school

April 17th: Easter Monday, no school

May 19th: Day in Lieu, no school

May 22nd: Victoria Day, no school 

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