Principal's Message

Nipisihkopahk Secondary School offers a rigorous academic program complimented with Cultural, Fine Arts, and CTF/CTS Programming. In order to engage our students, we established a Leadership Group this year that allows students more input into decision making that affects them, and have implement a Positive Reinforcement System that allows students to be recognized for excellence in the areas of academics, athletics, school leadership, and culture. Adding Effective Behavior Supports (EBS) to our discipline and attendance policies, the school has provided students with the structure they need to be successful. During this school year, we will continue to focus on the CTF/CTS offerings to our students. We will be combining our junior/senior high options classes in Term 2 to provide high school opportunities to take more of a variety of CTS courses in a classroom. These include Leadership, Robotics, Cosmetology, Rec Studies, Art, and Music along with exploring different career options in the CTF program. Notably, we will continue to work with the Alberta Distance Learning Centre (ADLC) to provide the most variety of delivery options for our students and we will offer a camping trip for our students in the spring. My Blueprint has been brought into the school to help students explore opportunities and develop an educational program that most suits them. Our staff is focusing on Differentiating Instruction (DI) throughout the next three years and we are adding UDL as a resource to help our teachers with developing their DI classrooms. We will also work to identify K & E students early and adapt their programs. This will also go a long way in curbing negative behaviors in the classroom.


Our school continues to work towards a safe and caring environment. Over the next three years we will be continuing to develop our school-wide EBS discipline plan. We will also address all misbehaviours and track and record data on the progress we are making through long term trended data analysis comparing the upcoming years to the ones prior. We will take special efforts to recognize all staff for the contributions they make to our school. This recognition will be provided to selected staff monthly at a school level through our monthly celebrations of learning. We will commence a monthly Character Education program this year. Administration will continue to take an active role in working with staff to develop their Professional Growth Plans (PGPs) and provide PD opportunities for staff to hone their craft. Through our Collaborative Response Model (CRM) we will focus on developing UDL and DI strategies in the classroom. Committees in a variety of areas will serve to develop leadership and collaboration with staff. We will also continue to find opportunities for teachers to meet with teachers to collaborate and build upon their teaching and learning skills. 


Our School Council will be developed this year to assist and provide direction to the school. I welcome all community members who wish to be part of this supportive group of parents and guardians who will be directing our school to new heights. If any of you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me at any time on my direct line at 1 (587) 988.9573 or email me to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Thank you,

Mr. Bryan Richardson

Early Dismissal Every Wednesday at 1:40pm

Oct 9th: Thanksgiving, No School

Oct 13th: PD Day, No School

Nov 9th to 13th: Fall Break, No School

Nov 22nd: Parent Teacher Night from 4:00pm to 7:00pm

Nov 24th: PD Day, No School

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