NSS Learning Commons


Our Learning Commons area redesign and our recent partnership with ADLC have provided the venue for us to move towards this goal and improve student academic outcomes through a Learning Commons Redesign Initiative.


The redesign schemata:


NSS Learning Common Redesign Initiative

Diagram of our Learning Common Redesign Initiative


Scope of Learning Commons Redesign

The Learning Common will be redesigned to be used more fully by the mainstream programs, Special Needs Programs and In-Reach Programs.  Our intent is to have this space utilized 100% of the time.  This includes a silent reading room (glass and aluminum rail) and barista area (area raised 4” above floor in corner by windows – barista is a modern coffee shop design created in Aluminum with accents).  The current boardroom table has been moved into the library to support classroom or group work, or break out sessional work.  The Café will have two round tables serving a maximum of eight individuals in the area at one time.  Our intent is to ensure functional space design and use.  Special needs students are accommodated through creative and innovative chairs (therapeutic ball) and at least two standing computer terminals.



Nipisihkopahk Education Authority online library collection: http://nea.hosting.l4u.com 





Accelerated Reading Program

5 Reasons for doing AR

It's all about practice. AR encourages substantial differentiated reading practice to create strong readers. Based on each student's independent reading level, AR helps teachers set personalized goals for each student, and guide students to books  difficult enough to keep them challenged, but not so difficult to cause frustration.

Determine reading level.

  • First, a student’s optimal reading level is determined using the Star Reading assessment. This assessment provides information on a student’s overall reading ability and suggests a range of book levels for each student called the “zone of proximal development”, or ZPD.

Set practice goals.

  • Teachers then meet with each student to set three individualized reading practice goals based on reading quantity, quality, and difficulty and monitor progress toward those goals.

Personalize practice.

  •  Personalized reading practice means students read books of interest at their own reading level. AR BookFinder makes it easy to find the perfect book.

Students take an AR Quiz.

  • Student get immediate feedback which they really enjoy. We overhear them telling each other the score. When they get 80 to 100% they are encourage to do more reading. In addition, the students earn points when they pass a quiz; they collect points and earn incentives, everything from pencils and pens to gift cards to cool T-shirts and hats.

Teachers Benifit too:

  • AR provides teachers with immediate information, helping them monitor the comprehension skills of each student and inform further instruction or intervention. Students and parents get instant feedback to help motivate success with the use of the TOPS Report and   Renaissance Home Connect.

Early Dismissal Every Wednesday at 1:40pm

Oct 9th: Thanksgiving, No School

Oct 13th: PD Day, No School

Nov 9th to 13th: Fall Break, No School

Nov 22nd: Parent Teacher Night from 4:00pm to 7:00pm

Nov 24th: PD Day, No School

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