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kwells2As a superintendent of a First Nation Education Authority, I have a vision for Nipisihkopahk (NEA) that has every student reaching his/her full academic potential through an Alberta Curriculum that includes an emphasis on Cree language and Culture. At NEA Children must feel safe, be treated with dignity, and feel valued in order to be lifelong learners. We must infuse a love of learning and enter at their hearts before reaching and teaching to their brains.


We continue to provide a full range of support programs and services to meet the individual needs of our students to better prepare them for a successful future. Among the services we offer include speech & language, behavioral modification, psychologist and educational testing, student and parent counseling. Closing the achievement gap, teaching skills that help students compete in the world of globalization and international competition and maintaining the important value of family, culture, citizenship and responsibility remain at the top of our list as essentials.


In order to do so, we provide preschool access to students so they begin on grade level because research has shown us that those who start behind, almost never catch up. Samson Headstart and full day Kindergarten (K4) is one of the most effective ways to help students become prepared for K-12. We also have transitional classes; special needs classrooms, after school evening and outreach programs. Home Liaison programs and counselors help students and parents play vital roles in education. We are working to secure summer programs all aimed at meeting the needs of our students.


Please join me and make the education of our children, a full-time passion for our community. Your time, talent and involvement can make a difference in the lives of children. And they are our future.


Kevin Wells

Early Dismissal Wednesday's @ 1:40pm

June 9th: Headstart Grad/Last Day

June 16th: K4 & K5 Grad/Last Day

June 21st: Last Day for Students

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